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Meet the Yali Tribe at Baliem Valley    
Tours in Sumatra

? Tanjung Puting Orangutan Wildlife

? Gunung Palung Adventures

? Ujungkulon Adventure

? Komodo Dragon Adventures

? Biak & Yapen Islands Bird of Paradise

? North Sumatra

? West Sumatra

  Tours in Borneo Island

? Central Kalimantan

? East  Kalimantan

? West Kalimantan

? Cross Borneo Adventures

? Tanjung Puting Orangutan Wildlife

? Mahakam River Safari & Adventures

? Ujungkulon Adventure

? Mt. Gede Pangrango Volcano Trekking

? Biak & Yapen Islands Bird of Paradise

Tours in Java Island

? Jakarta

? West Java

? Central Java / Jogyakarta

? East Java

? Toraja Cultural Tours

? North Sumatra Cultural Tour

? Minangkabau Cultural Tour

? Jogyakarta Cultural Tours

? Borobudur & Prambanan Temple

? Flores Overland

? Lombok Cultural Tours

? Bali Tours

Tours in Sulawesi
? Toraja (South Sulawesi)
Tours in Irian (Papua)

? Baliem Valley (Dani & Yali Tribes)

? Asmat

? Korowai

? B i a k

? Central Kalimantan Dayak Tribes

? Mahakam River Safari & Adventures

? Dani Tribes Baliem Valley Adventures

? Yali Tribes Baliem Valley Adventures

? Asmat Tribes Adventures

? Korowai Tribes Adventures

Tours in Bali
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Tours in Lombok
Tours in Flores

? Mt. Kerinci Volcano Trekking

? Mt. Gede Pangrango Volcano Trekking

? Mt. Semeru Volcano Trekking

? Mt. Rinjani Volcano Trekking

Tours in Komodo & Rinca Islands
Budget trips near Jakarta for expatriates

? Kerinci Seblat National Park Trekking

? Tanjung Puting National Park Trekking

? Gunung Palung Trekking

? East Kalimantan Mahakam Trekking

? Ujungkulon National Park Trekking

? Gede Pangrango Natl. Park Trekking

? Cross Borneo Trekking

? Semeru Tengger Trekking

? Asmat Tribes Region

? Korowai Tribes Region

Meet the orangutans at their home!

? Tanjung Puting Orangutan River Safari

? Mighty Mahakam River Safari

Climb the volcanoes in Indonesia    
Toraja Highland, Cultural, Trekking and Rafting

? Biak Islands

? Lombok Gili Islands

? Peucang Island Ujungkulon Natl. Park
? Komodo Island

? Thousand Islands

? Bali

? Komodo Island Adventures

? Jakarta City Tours

? Bali Full Day Tours

? Jogyakarta City Tours

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