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Pictures of Tours in Toraja and Surroundings, South Sulawesi

  Cave Burial Site at Lokomata Cave graves at Lokomota in Toraja highland, South Sulawesi.    Burial ceremony procession ata village in Toraja Highland A procession involved all the villagers at a big funeral ceremony at Toraja Land.   The white sandy Bira Beach The white sandy beach of Bira, one of the mosr beautiful beach in Indonesia.  

Traditional boats at Bira Beach Traditional boats moaring at Bira Beach. The boats are also used to carry tourists for diving and snorkeling.   Toraja boyscouts The happy faces of school children at Toraja Highland.   Trekking in the grenery of Toraja landscape A small group of tourists trekking through the grenery of Toraja Highland.  

The Toraja People welcome tourists to visit their house Tourists visiting the traditional houses of Toraja people. Welcome to the land of smiling people!   A little boy carries paddy A little boy carries paddies on his shoulder. A common experience when you trek in the Toraja villages.   Floating house over the Lake Sengkang One of the floating houses on Lake Sengkang. Having a boat trip is another great experience of tour in South Sulawesi.  

Sunset over the Sengkang Lake A beautiful sunset over the Sengkang Lake. Traditional ship industry at Bira A traditional boat industry at Bira, Bulukumba. Many traditional-shapped tourists ships built in here. Paddy fields between in the valley of Toraja highland The paddy fields of Toraja people among the beautiful grenery of the highland.

Toraja traditional village A typical village in Toraja Land. The blend of traditional and modern houses. A buffalo to be sacrfied in a funeral ceremony A buffalo to sacrifice in a funeral ceremony in Toraja Highland.   Buffalo market Life buffaloes for sale at a market. Part of funeral ceremony in Toraja highland.

Cliffside graves The close up of the cliff-side stone graves. One of the best attraction in Toraja Highland. Cliff-sde stone graves at Lemo

The cliff-side stone graves with wooden effigies on the balcony at Lemo.

Pog market at Makale Live pigs sold at Makale Market during the funeral ceremony season in Toraja Highland.

Pig for sacrifice in a funeral ceremony Pigs for sacrifice. Call us your Indonesia travel tour agent for an arrangement to attend funeral ceremony at Toraja highland. A Toraja traditional village A typical village in Toraja Land. The blend of traditional and modern houses. Toraja women taking part in a ceremony The Toraja women ready to participate in a funeral ceremony.

The Toraja farmers A father and his child bring paddy to sell in a local market. Tongkonan, the traditional house of Toraja people A new built Tongkonan (traditional house). Pigs and chickens are slaughtered at consecration of a new Tongkonan. Travel to Indonesia will not complete if you didn't visit Toraja highland. The smiling farmer Toraja people welcome you with smile .

Boat trip on Sengkang Lake Boat trip at Sengkang Lake to see the people who live in the floating hoise and to enjoy the beutiful sunset over the lake. The ornament of buffalo hurns in front of traditional house The ornament of a Tongkonan, traditional house of the Toraja people. Another view of Tongkonan The unique architicture of the Tongkonan is quite different with the traditional house of other ethnics in Indonesia.

Trekking in Toraja Highland Trekking around the beautiful Toraja highland. Another style of adventure in Indonesia.  Trekking passing the rice terrace fields and villages Another trekking at Toraja highland  passing the traditional villages and paddy terrace filds. Toraja green landscape The beautiful green landscape of Toraja Highland.

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