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Pictures of Tours in Lombok Island

  The local children in Lombok playing in the traditional drain

Children playing in a clean irrigation. Travel to Indonesia will be more memorable if you visited Lombok.

  The quite beach of Lombok White Sandy beach and green landscape. More natural beaches than Bali's.    The boat to Gili Islands The boat wll take you to Gili Islands, three small, coral-fringed islands situated off the north-west of Lombok.  

Mayura water palace built in 1744, was used as court of justice and tmeeting place for the Hindu lords.   Pottery making in Lombok Traditional Gerabah pottery industries in Banyumalek, made from a local clay with simplest of techniques.   Lombok pottery The Lombok's pottery is a rich terracotta color, unglazed but hand burnished to a lovely soft sheen.  

Pura Meru, the largest temple in Lombok Pura Meru, the largest temple in Lombok built in 1720, under the patronage of Balinese Kingdom.   The view of Mt. Rinjani Mt. Rinjani (3,726 m), the third highest volcano in Indonesia offers one of the best adventure in Indonesia.    Another view of Mt. Rinjani Another view of Mt. Rinjani. famed for it's beauty and eerie isolation towering over every corner of Lombok Island.  

A traditional village of the Sasak Tribe A simple house of traditional Sasak tribes, the indigenous people of lombok. A traditional village of Sasak Tribe A simple neighborhood of a Sasak Village. Senggigi Beach Singgigi beach offers white sandy beach, snorkeling and other beach activities.

Sembalun Lawang Village from the distance Sembalun Lawang on the eastern slopes of Gunung Rinjani, a starting points for climbing Mt. Rinjani. Terrace fields of Lombok Island

The terrace paddy fields in Lombok. Another great view offered by Lombok Island.


Balinese style temple in Lombok Island Right opposite of Mayura Water Palace's floating pavilion s another Hindu Temple. Style of Balinese Temple can be found on Lombok Island.      Traditional weaving at Sukarare Village Traditional weaving in Sukarare village. Like Bali, Lombok also offers various types of travel to Indonesia; from cultural to Indonesia wildlife tour.    An offering altar at Pura Meru Part of Pura Meru. Todays the palace ground are used for offering. Across Indonesia, your Indonesia travel tour agent ready to take you to discover Lombok Island.

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