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Pictures of Komodo Tours

  Airplane to Labuanbajo The aircraft which takes you to Labuan Bajo fisherman town, the entry point to Komodo National Park.   Traditional boat and village at Komodo Island A Traditional boat passing a dishermen village at Komodo Island.   Labuanbajo Traditional Market The traditional market in Labuan Bajo.  

Posing with Komodo A Close up with the komodo dragons at their natural habitat.   Kenawa Island Accommodation An alternative accommodation on Kenawa Island, near the Komodo Island .   A Wild pig on Komodo Island A wild pig wandering around the Komodo Island .  

Boat to Komodo Island Two tourists boats moaring on Rinca Island.   Boat to Komodo Islands A Tourist boat boarding off passengers on Komodo Island.   Boat to Komodo Island Another type of tourists boat to Komodo Island. Some large boats have communal cabin .  

Welcome to Rinca Island Loh Buaya Gate, welcoming tourists on Komodo Island. A deer on Komodo Island A deer at Komodo Island, the prey of the dragons. Offshore Kenawa Island Kenawa Island, one of islands in the park which offers alternative for accommodation.

Onboard tp Komodo Island On bard to Komodo National Park from Labuan Bajo. The scenic sea journey takes about 3 hours. Meet the dragon! A komodo wandering around near the ranger station. Meet the dragon! Another pose of komodo dragon nearby the ranger station.

A lazy komodo A lazy komodo dragon posing for tourists. Two buffaloes om Komodo Island Two poor bufalloes, the favourite meals of the dragons. The Komodo's lunch A buffalo, the prey of the dragons.

Welcome to Rinca Island A boat moaring at Rinca Island. Rinca offers more wildlife then the Komodo Island. Loh Buaya bay Loh Buaya Bay. Many private boats stop here for snorkeling and diving. Room at Kenawa accommodation A room at the cottage on Kenawa Island.

Komodo on rock! A komodo dragons rest on a rock on the island. Back view of komodo boat The back view of the tourist boat to Komodo island. Batu Cermin Cave Batu Cermin Cave at Labuan Bajo. One of the interesting places to visit.

Batu Cermin cave A giant rock sranding in front of Batu Cermin Cave at Labuan Bajo. Coral of the islands of Komodo The beautiful under water sea ar rhe islands of Komodo National Park. Coral of the islands of Komodo Under water garden of Komodo National Park. Diving in here is of the best in Indonesia.

Traditional Market, Labuanbajo A woman selling vegetables at a traditional market in Labuan bajo. Komodo the dragon   Komodo the dragon Visitors should keep the distance with the dragons.

Komodo the dragon   Welcome to Komodo Island Loh Liang Ranger Station on Komod Island. Trekking to see the dragons Trekking to meet the dragons.

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