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Pictures of Tours in Java Island

  Borobudur Temple, Central Java Borobudur, the World's biggest ancient Buddhist Temple, Central Java. One of the famous objects of travel to Indonesia.   The magnificent view of Mt. Bromo, East Java The beautiful view of Mt. Bromo, Mt Batok and Mt. Semeru, East Java.   On the rim of Mt. Bromo On the rim of Mt. Bromo's crater, East Java.  

On the slope of Mt. Krakatau On the slope of Son-of-Krakatau Volcano, West Java.   Trekking the slope of Anak Krakatau Trekking the slope of Son-of-Krakatau Volcano, West Java.   Krakatau, the lethal volcano errupted in 1887 The Son-of-Krakatau Island, famous for it's volcano big bang in 1887, West Java.  

Prambanan Temple, the most exotic Hindu Temple on Java Island A beautiful Prambanan Temple, one of the world's biggest and most beautiful Hindu monastery, Yogyakarta.   Relief on one of the walls at Borobudur Temple Relief of the history of Buddha Brahma Gautama at Borobudur Temple, Central Java.   Stupas on the top of Borobudur Temple A main stupa of Borobudur Temple, Central Java.  

Canoeing at Cigenter River, Ujungkulon National Park Canoeing in Cigenter river at Ujungkulon Park. One of the best option for Indonesia wildlife tour. Javana Spa at Cidahu, West Java A mountain resort & spa at Cidahu, Sukabumi West Java.  


Kawah Ratu (Queen Crater) at Cidahu, West Java   The crater of Tangkuban Prahu, near Bandung West Java



Buddha Statue at Borobudur Temple, Central Java One of Buddha statue at Borobudur Temple, Central Java.   Javanese Dancers

A couple of Ramayana Ballet Dance represent King Rama and Queen Shinta, Yogyakarta.


  Approaching the Sertung Island at Krakatau Volcano complex

Approaching the camp-site on Sertung, neighbor island of Krakatau West Java. Not so many Indonesia travel tour agent could arrange this trip.

Leave the campsite to sail to Anak Krakatau volcano Boarding on the boat to visit the anak Krakatau. Trekking to the crater of Tangkuban Prahu volcano.  

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