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Pictures of Tours and Expeditions in Irian (Papua)

  The untouristic pristine beach in Biak Sunbathing on the pristine beach of a deserted island in Biak, Papua.   Posing on the beach Posing on a white sandy beach of an untouristic island in Biak.   Snorkeling on an island in Biak Snorkerling on the crystalled clear water of one of the islands in Biak.  

Cackatoo in Biak Cackatoo, one of beautiful and endangered birds of Papua.   Cendrawasih, the Bird of Paradise Bird of Paradise, the world's most beautiful birds, love only in Irian (Papua).   One of endemic birds of Irian Another endemic bird of Irian. Irian is one of the best places in the world for birdwatching.  

Another endemic bird of Irian Biak and other islands surroundings offer various adventures, from birdwatching to diving.   A group of Dani Women sings a traditional soings of the Dani Tribe The Dani women and old men performed a choir as part of a traditional festival.   A village of the Dani Tribe in Baliem Valley Typical village of the Dani tribe at Baliem Valley.  

O Dani Boy...!

A Dani boy playing and enjoying his beautiful home, Baliem Valley highland.


A Dani's fire maker

A chief of Dani Tribe demonstrated to make

fire in traditional way.

A group of Dani's warrior in a mocked war festival A group of Dani Tribe's warrior ready to attack in a mock war festival.

Ready for a war Three warriors of the Dani ready for a mocked war festival. Diving in one of the marine park in Biak islands Scuba diving in unpoluted and untouristic underwater of Biak islands. One of the best dive sites in the world. Photo: Pak Benny Lesomar. Innocent pose of the women of Korowai Tribe The women of the Korowai tribe take a break after collecting sago.

The Koroway women collecting sago The Korowai women collecting sago from the trees. The beautiful highland of Baliem Valley The beautiful panorama of Baliem Valley. One of the highlights of travel to Indonesia. The mummy of Dani Tribes A 250 years old mummy at Sumapima Village of Baliem Valley.

The afternoon activity if the Dani women The Dani women plait a mat while enjoying the beautful panorama of Baliem Valley. Pig sacrified on a ceremony of the Yali Tribe

A pig sacrified on the Yali Earth Woven fiesta.

Photo: Bego & Albert Zorilla (www.wayoftravel.com)

The Yali women participated in a mocked war

The Yali women with  children participate in traditional mocked war. Photo: Bego & Al Zorilla.

Yali children playing a suspension bridge

A group of Yali boys on suspension bridge.

Photo: Bego & Albert Zorilla (www.wayoftravel.com)

The Yali hunters in their misty mountain

Two Yali hunters on the rocky hills of Baliem Valley. 

Photo: Bego & Albert Zorilla (www.wayoftravel.com)

The 250 yeard old mummy at Sumpaima village, Baliem Valley The Dani people showing their 250 yeard old mummy.

A head deciration of a Dani warrior Typical decoration of a Dani warrior. Besides the "stone age" cultures, Irian is also the best place for wildlife tour in Indonesia.   The Yali people working for sago The Korowai men helping the women to collecting the sago.   The Korowai hunters The Korowai men ready for hunting. We are proud to be one of few Indonesia travel tour agent who could arranged the adventure trips to Korowai Batu settlement.

A Dani lone ranger A Dani man take a rest after wandering around his beautiful Baliem Valley.   The war tower of the Dani tribe A war tower of the Dani Tribe to watch the enemy position, in the Mocked war festival.   A Yali man proudly shows his penis-gourd A Yali man proudly shows his unique  penis-gourd. Doubtless, Irian offers the best adventure in Indonesia.

A Yali boy

A Yali boy with his rain coat (umbrella?).

Photo: Bego & Albert Zorilla (www.wayoftravel.com)

  The pretty woman of Baliem Valley

A lady of Yali Tribes.

Photo: Bego & Albert Zorilla (www.wayoftravel.com)

  The man and the mummy A Dani man posing with the mummy at one of the villages of Baliem Valley.

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