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Nova at the Base Camp of Carstensz PyramidWe have spent most of our life for about 10 years as field guides deep in the jungle and river of Borneo, in the mountains and the low-land forests of Irian Papua, climbing the volcanoes on Java Islands, the national park in taking care our clients trekking,birdwatching, canoeing or just let them lay on the white sandy beaches of the pristine-remote tropical islands.

With years of experiences,growing up in the fields as Indonesia wildlife tour guides, know well about the adventure in Indonesia and supported by our "mutual friendship networking" of our friends who are the best, the most experienced and high quality local guides in Irian Papua, Borneo, Sulawesi, Sumatra and almost all part of Indonesia -- here we are, a team of ADVENTURE TRAVEL EXPERTS, stand on our own and ready to serve you in the unforgettable adventure holidays in Indonesia, the land we know BEST.

Our Indonesia travel tour packages are carefully designed with the big consideration of the safety and the impact to the environment we visit. In helping our clients to plan and designing personalized itineraries (it is free of charge!), we are the winner of the best solutions (our client said so!). We know it is not easy for you to find an Indonesia travel tour agent who understand your points of interest and who respect the itinerary that you want. BEFORE you doing a trip with us, it is important to let you know exactly where to go and where to do, show you the levels of professionalism,courtesy and truly, the propensity to look after the smallest and most insignificant details. Many of our past clients become our best friends and will be so gladly to recommend us to their relatives and friends who want to travel to Indonesia.
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